The presence beside your child is the prerequisite of it's development. So for Kiddo, it's presence beside you is a daily wager that wins in six stores, the e-shop, the social media and the extended network of authorized stores throughout Greece and in 15 foreign countries.

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It's what inspires the name of Kiddo, as a leading manufacturer in baby products and what inspires the name of other great brands who trust Kiddo, for the exclusive representation in Greece and the Balkans.

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Safety is the feeling that you can do anything without any risk. It is how your little one enjoys the ride and the game when he knows that you are there. It is why you enjoy selecting Kiddo, for prams, car safety seats, baby furniture, transport systems etc. From safety confidence is gained.



There is no manual to give you guidance on the most important part of your life. But there are people who can support you and institutions whose choices and advice you can trust. Kiddo is a group of such people. It designs and chooses baby products that have passed the strictest controls and meet the highest quality standards.


As parents you are dedicated to your children. As Kiddo we are committed to you. We support you from the word go with free seminars and workshops for pregnant women and new parents, with long support after - sales for all our products and special offers in large-member families and parents with children belonging to vulnerable social groups.



There is a village that embraces with love and care children who are alone in the world, giving every single child the warmth of his own home, the company of friends and brothers, that gives children the parent care and the love of a Mother that they need so much. KIDDO supports this sacred purpose from 2013.



In a difficult time for our country and economy it is more important than ever to strengthen as Greeks our country's companies. Kiddo, the no.1 Greek infant products company based in Thessaloniki, just does this: supports and trusts more and more (other) Greek companies for the supply of its stores with products which are sewn and made in Greece. Furthermore, every year it increases the number of the range of products it produces and manufactures in Greece.